SPARCstation 20 with SCSI2SD

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Mon Nov 26 16:42:32 CST 2018

I'm not sure, I don't personally see it as something worthwhile to
investigate when you can just rebuild the old NVRAMs. Even if you do use a
SNAPHAT type replacement, you're still stuck with proprietary batteries
that will one day no longer be made, versus an extremely common CR1225
cell. I've made total replacements for NVRAMs that are not easily rebuilt,
such as the Dallas DS1244:

But, that's a lot more effort and expense than just sawing the top off a
dead 48T02, gluing on one of my repair boards, and soldering the leads :P


On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 5:40 PM <ethan at> wrote:

> > Also, to anyone buying NVRAMs on eBay, don't expect anything from China
> to
> > actually be new NVRAMs. I've bought a bunch to disassemble, in the course
> Are any of the SMD NVRAMs with the battery caps compatible? Throw them on
> a DIP to SOIC PCB?
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