Working Ardent Titan on Youtube

Camiel Vanderhoeven camiel.vanderhoeven at
Mon Nov 26 02:04:39 CST 2018

On 11/25/18, 5:26 PM, "cctech on behalf of Noel Chiappa via cctech" <cctech-bounces at on behalf of cctech at> wrote:
>> From: Camiel Vanderhoeven
>> I have a fully working Ardent Titan with some interesting software on
>> it - the bundled version of MATLAB, and BIOGRAF, a molecular modeling
>> application
> Neat! Excellent! Do you have the source for any/all of the software on it?

Not for any of the commercial software, but there are a bunch of example/demo applications (mainly to show how to program for the Doré graphics environment) that come with source. The MATLAB extension to use Doré graphics consists of a bit that's built into MATLAB and a separate display server that MATLAB connects to when you use the render function. The source for the display server is provided so you can customize it. There's also a fair bit of user-written code in the user directories on one the backup tapes, but I am seeking permission from the institute the machine came from first before I start looking for interesting bits of code in there.
The OS came with a C compiler, and a vectorizing FORTRAN compiler - bought from Convex - was available as a separate (and expensive) option. Fortunately, my system came with the vectorizing FORTRAN compiler.


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