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ASL is   quite  different than  English... you can sign in English or  you can sign in ASL  The  ASL  has a different sentence structure. When I  was  first learning  about  the  Deaf Teletype  revolution  (We have a collection of  a diverse group of  TTY both  mechanical and  CRT and portable  and ...  I would  correspond  via  email  with a young  person that  sold  us   some ttys  and wondered  why it  was almost  a different  sentence  structure, almost  like  Yoda  but  if  you  look at  both closely  not  really  the  exact  same.  Hard  to  explain... but  English and ASL  utilize  2  different   Sentence structuring ... or  so it  appears  to me.

If  you  learn  ASL and Signing  well there is a  good need  for  excellent interpreters out there.
And  yes,  always  looking for  ANYTHING  related to the  history of  TTY  and other  assertive  communications  devices.
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There are still MANY schools arguing about whether to accept ASL (American 

Sign Language, as used by Deaf people). I would think that therefore, BSL 
(British Sign Language) should qualify

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