Text encoding Babel. Was Re: George Keremedjiev

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 25 17:11:44 CST 2018

On 11/25/18 6:06 PM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> On 11/25/18 2:53 PM, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
>> On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 at 23:42, Grant Taylor via cctalk
>> <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>>> I bet you see all sorts of things that I'm ignorant of.
>> It's been enlightening!
> I routinely get Turkish and Greek spam in my mailbox--and I've gotten
> Cyrillic-alphabet stuff as well.
> Shrug.  We all live on the same planet.
I live in the US and while I see less of it now than I used to,

at the University I used to get SPAM in Korean, Chinese,

Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and a couple of time

even Amharic.  Thus the reason ASCII is no longer the



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