early ANSI C drafts, pre-1989 standard

Keven Miller(3k) kevenm at 3kranger.com
Thu Nov 15 10:10:37 CST 2018

For those who expressed interest or have,
I've scanned and uploaded my X3J11-88 ANSI-C Draft and Rationale pdfs.

Under the first section "Notes", item 16 and 17.

direct pdf links



Keven Miller

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> Hi Kevin,
> On 07/10/2018 05:56, Keven Miller(3k) via cctalk wrote:
>> I found that I have a copy of X3J11-88-001
>> Draft Propsed American National Standard for Information Systems -
>> Programming Language C
>> and X3J11-88-003
>> Rationale for Draft Proposed American National Standard for Information
>> Systems - Programming Language C
> Cool!
>> They are quit lengthy, 2 sided copies.
>> I suppose I could create copies if you would like.
>> Or attempt to scan them into individual pdf files.
> Is it bound as a book (with a proper book spine) or wirebound, ..., etc?
> Would it be easier to take it to a copy shop?  For example, if it's
> wirebound or spiralbound it's very easy and cheap for a copy shop to
> take it apart, run the whole thing automatically through a scanning
> device, and then reattach the original binding.
> I would be willing to contribute a little money to help cover cost of
> this in return for a scanned copy.
> Kind regards,
> Andrew
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