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On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 07:20:25PM -0500, ED SHARPE via cctalk wrote:
> wrong not everybody sees it this is the only list serve problems...
> I suppose modern email programs either do not see or know what to do
> with the characters... please consider using the delete key and not
> reading things frI'm me if it bothers,you

> thanks ed#
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To me, the problem is not with your emails (or anybody else's from
this list), but the slow invasion performed by offending
software. Since you pressed space once, it should be entered as single
space, 0x20 in ASCII. If you pressed space twice, it should be entered
into email written by you as two 0x20 bytes, and this is what should
show on my side. My software receives some extra stuff from you, but
not in a consistent manner, i.e. some ASCII spaces are prepended with
extra two bytes and some not. I was not conscious about it - thought
you had some peculiar space pressing manner or text postprocessor
(like fmt) made double spaces in order to fit your lines into
130-characters width (because your lines were not folded at 79 or
anywhere close).

(In other words, it looks like everybody gets those extra bytes, only
some programs choose to not show them, which - for me - is another
problem and should be examined in due time).

If what you press and what is being sent out to your recipients
differs, then this is a problem, with potential security implications
(as I learn with some horror, just anything in modern computer can
turn against the owner, if he could be called owner at all). A
software that mangles your input is not a friend. It should be
terminated. Just MHO.

Tomasz Rola

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