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Thanks for the source!  I shall inquire...


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> The guru of ASR33s is WAYNE KB1FDW, teletypeparts at sales, repairs, advice.
> 73 Eugene W2HX
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> It lives!!
> Retrieved the EPay ASR33 over the weekend.   Unit described as "As is -
> for parts" turned out to be almost completely intact school surplus unit
> stored inside somewhere in Orange county since removed from service in
> mid 80s (professionally maintained w service tag dated 1984).  Realized
> as soon as I saw it up close that it was in far better shape than expected.
> Plastic parts have three minor breaks not immediately visible and
> probably reparable
> Case parts missing:  chad box, tape punch cover; copy tray
> Internally, seems completely intact except for 2 of the 4 gold pins in
> the tape reader along with their springs
> Keyboard cover has 2 plastic pins broken but unit stays in place and
> keys move correctly except for the space bar which doesn't return when
> pressed.  Keys are worn but in fairly good shape although two are cracked.
> Weird comms setup.  Although from my reading it sounds as there was no
> standard, this one doesn't match anything I've found in the hobbyist lit
> so far:  Neither plug 2 nor the terminal strip are in use at all
> (terminal strip only has pos 1 and 2 in use for power).  Unit has two
> external cables that appear original since they both have the same
> thread style cable ties in use in the internal wire harness. One cable
> ends in a molex plug and the other in a small  "centronics" style plug.
> Wires for the centronics style connector terminate in plug 1 and 3.
> Another (related?) anomaly:  the large resistor associated with the
> current loop setup isn't present.
> So, inspected everything, as recommended here, replaced the print hammer
> pad, checked caps and all fuses.  Motor turned freely by hand when
> gently pushed. Plugged it in, turned it on to local and it fired right
> up.  All keyboard functions appear to work.
> Questions:
> Anyone recognize the cabling setup?
> Are the missing gold colored double pins in the tape reader replaceable?
> What sort of adhesive works for cracks in the cover
> under the hood photos here for the curious:
> Steve
> On 10/26/2018 7:39 PM, steve shumaker via cctalk wrote:
>> OK, got it.  Will be my first one. Now, how does one transport the
>> thing?   Does it easily come off the pedestal?   Can it be laid on
>> it's back?  Anything need to be secured before it gets moved?
>> Steve
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>>> b

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