Battery warning in Falco terminals

Al Kossow aek at
Thu Nov 22 05:42:05 CST 2018

On 11/21/18 7:36 PM, Mike Stein wrote:
> Al,
> If you're looking for a service manual for that HP2624 you might have a look at the manual for the MAI 4309; it's the same board with a few minor differences (memory) and different firmware.
> And of course it's on bitsavers ;-)
> mike


It also appears there is some overlap between Morrow and Zenith terminals.
I took apart my MD-3P (the outer shell is a mechanical nightmare) and when
I looked at the MDT-60 service manual the schematic is the same as a Zenith
model but the board in the terminal is a Morrow design.

The MAI terminal manual that was just sent to me was made by Direct, need to get my
copies of the Direct manuals scanned.

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