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steve shumaker shumaker at
Wed Nov 21 17:16:14 CST 2018

It lives!!

Retrieved the EPay ASR33 over the weekend.   Unit described as "As is - 
for parts" turned out to be almost completely intact school surplus unit 
stored inside somewhere in Orange county since removed from service in 
mid 80s (professionally maintained w service tag dated 1984).  Realized 
as soon as I saw it up close that it was in far better shape than expected.

Plastic parts have three minor breaks not immediately visible and 
probably reparable
Case parts missing:  chad box, tape punch cover; copy tray
Internally, seems completely intact except for 2 of the 4 gold pins in 
the tape reader along with their springs
Keyboard cover has 2 plastic pins broken but unit stays in place and 
keys move correctly except for the space bar which doesn't return when 
pressed.  Keys are worn but in fairly good shape although two are cracked.

Weird comms setup.  Although from my reading it sounds as there was no 
standard, this one doesn't match anything I've found in the hobbyist lit 
so far:  Neither plug 2 nor the terminal strip are in use at all 
(terminal strip only has pos 1 and 2 in use for power).  Unit has two 
external cables that appear original since they both have the same 
thread style cable ties in use in the internal wire harness. One cable 
ends in a molex plug and the other in a small  "centronics" style plug.  
Wires for the centronics style connector terminate in plug 1 and 3.  
Another (related?) anomaly:  the large resistor associated with the 
current loop setup isn't present.

So, inspected everything, as recommended here, replaced the print hammer 
pad, checked caps and all fuses.  Motor turned freely by hand when 
gently pushed. Plugged it in, turned it on to local and it fired right 
up.  All keyboard functions appear to work.

Anyone recognize the cabling setup?
Are the missing gold colored double pins in the tape reader replaceable?
What sort of adhesive works for cracks in the cover

under the hood photos here for the curious:


On 10/26/2018 7:39 PM, steve shumaker via cctalk wrote:
> OK, got it.  Will be my first one. Now, how does one transport the 
> thing?   Does it easily come off the pedestal?   Can it be laid on 
> it's back?  Anything need to be secured before it gets moved?
> Steve
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>> b

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