Manuals looking for a home

Mike Norris mike_t_norris at
Wed Nov 21 14:08:12 CST 2018

Hi Guys,

I have the following manuals looking for a home, free except for postage/delivery. (Based in UK).

11/44 Field Maintenance Print Set (includes memory inverter, MS11-M, TU58)
RWP04 moving head disk subsystem maintenance manual
RM05 Disk Subsystem User guide + RM05 Fault Isolation Guide + RM05 IPB + RM05 Disk Subsystem Service Manual
DEC Station 220 Installation and Operations Guide
RA80 Maintenance Guide + RA81 Disk Drive Maintenance Guide + RA60 Maintenance Guide
MDM Microvax Diagnostic Monitor User's guide + Wartips (Warrington Support) - SID Registers, Boot lists, DCL Bits 7 Bobs.

Will happily give further details if required, otherwise these go into recycling

Regards Mike Norris

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