George Keremedjiev

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Wed Nov 21 14:03:11 CST 2018

I  sold  him my  extra classic 8  with the plexi covers on it... sn 200  series....  we  kept  sn #18

I was  at the  computer biz in those  days  so this was over  26 years  ago.  Enjoyed  our  visit.
Sad  to see  him  go...
scarry  to hear  of this  being  close to that age  also.
Good bye  George...
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If I might say so, Keremedjiev was one of the people in the 90's who helped

define "vintage computer" and who selected which computers were part of
its original pantheon (Altair, IMSAI,etc.). I recall his museum web site
was one of the first web sites about vintage computing along with Ira
Goldklang's TRS 80 site and a few others. I never made it there myself in
person. I hope someone keeps the museum going.

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> This has not been a good few months for historical/vintage computer people

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