VCF PNW 2019: Exhibitors needed!

Jim Manley jim.manley at
Tue Nov 20 20:00:28 CST 2018

Hi  Mike,

I teach science (all of ‘em!) and computing at a small, rural, K-12 school
 in Montana (we graduated our Senior (sic) last year!) and we’re trying to
figure out how to get all of our mini proto geeks to the museum (and house
them) to both volunteer and exhibit some of our vintage systems at VCF PNW
2019.  They’ve started to recognize me at all of the convenience stores in
the five surrounding counties, so knocking over any more of them for petty
cash is out!

Going further than a surrounding county in Big Sky Country can mean
traveling upwards of a thousand miles, or at least it feels like that.  We
have counties that are bigger than a bunch of those teeny-weenie states
back East!

Anyway, we’ll figure out how to get something through GoFundMe, etc.  The
kids are very motivated, but we don’t have any businesses that can sponsor
and support us.  In fact, The Gas Station just not only closed today, but
they dug up the gas tanks and trucked them off with the pumps and sign out

All the Best,

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 13:36 Michael Brutman via cctalk <
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> I'm trying to throw a party, but like any good host I'm worried about
> the food and entertainment and if anybody will show up.  We already
> know there is no food at the museum so I need really, really good
> entertainment ...  Right now we have seven exhibitors who have
> formally registered.  We really need a total of 20 to 25 to make this
> work.  We are still a few months away so I'm not in full scale panic
> mode yet, but I can feel it coming. ;-0
> If you are interested in joining the party again, please register.  An
> overview of what it means to be an exhibitor and the link to the
> registration form can be found here:
> .
> If you participated last year and don't want to do it again, I can
> understand that.  To keep things interesting I'm trying to minimize
> the number of repeat exhibits.  However, you can still help in a few
> ways:
> - Know somebody who should join the party? Talk to them about
> exhibiting at 2019. A little nudging and mentoring from a friend can
> make it easier to bring new people in.
> - Have an interesting topic you want to talk about? We're looking for
> speakers too ...
> - Can you volunteer a few hours?  Many hands makes light work, and
> also gets you into the museum for the weekend for free.
> Have any leads on people I should talk to or ideas for making the show
> better?  Send them along ... I'd be happy to discuss.
> One final note: Contrary to any previously sent communication, we are
> not "selling" spots ...  I'm actively trying to get rid of the
> exhibitor fee entirely, and will guarantee that it will be no more
> than $20 this year if it is charged at all.
> Thanks,
> Mike
> VCF PNW President, CEO, and Executive Floppy Disk Shuffler

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