Battery warning in Falco terminals

Brent Hilpert bhilpert at
Tue Nov 20 01:54:17 CST 2018

On 2018-Nov-19, at 3:29 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:

> I've been helping the MAME guys simulate a TS-2624, which is a block mode HP emulating terminal.
> I had bought this a while ago, and never dumped the firmware. Unfortunately there is a large
> NiCd battery right in the middle of the board that leaked all over. I've taken some pictures
> which are up under falco on bitsavers.
> If anyone has one of these, you want to do battery mitigation ASAP. I'm in the middle of replacing
> every socket on the board since they were all within range of the leakage corrosion.
> Also, I suspect the first generation of terminals all have similar hardware with different
> firmware, so if someone has any of the other models (TS-1, etc.) we could get them simulated
> pretty easily once the firmware is dumped.

I had a Falco TS-1 dating from ca. 1981 in my possession a couple of years ago and dumped the ROMS.
It was based on a Z80 with 6845 CRT controller and 2651 UART.

I have data from two 2732s (Z80 firmware), as well as an EA8316 (2K*8) used for character generation.
That's in text format.

Also have a PDF with some notes on the hardware and reverse-engineered schematic segments.

I didn't have need / get as far as doing an I/O map or memory map for the Z80.

Should I send these files along?

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