Battery warning in Falco terminals

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Nov 19 17:29:13 CST 2018

I've been helping the MAME guys simulate a TS-2624, which is a block mode HP emulating terminal.
I had bought this a while ago, and never dumped the firmware. Unfortunately there is a large
NiCd battery right in the middle of the board that leaked all over. I've taken some pictures
which are up under falco on bitsavers.

If anyone has one of these, you want to do battery mitigation ASAP. I'm in the middle of replacing
every socket on the board since they were all within range of the leakage corrosion.

Also, I suspect the first generation of terminals all have similar hardware with different
firmware, so if someone has any of the other models (TS-1, etc.) we could get them simulated
pretty easily once the firmware is dumped.

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