What is windoes doing?

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Actually, I do use it almost exclusively with classic machines. I use the RS232 to load and talk to my Nicolet 1080 ( a late 1960s to early 1970 ) machine. I just got done using it to repair a North * Horizon. If I'm leaving trails behind me that I can't get rid of, each time I use it as a terminal, I'll be limited on what repairs I can do.
The FTDI was just recently used to write and debug code on a small controller board to convert a ps/2 keyboard to parallel for my Poly88.
Windows is not the end use. I don't even put it directly on the web. It is primarily used a data transfer, some editing and terminal for classic machines. Its functioning is important for maintaining and restoring classic machines.
This was not a typical " please help me fix my PC " post. I don't email, web search or anything else with this machine. Its one purpose is related to restoring and maintaining classic machines. It is no more off topic than a new temperature controlled soldering iron is. What would I use serial and RS232 for?

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> I have a question. I use the USB port for serial. In my program, I use a
> fixed com port. When going to the control panel, I find that I see (in use)
> tags on some of the com ports. I'm the only one currently using the com
> ports but recently another (in use) showed up, requiring me to modify my
> program to use another com port. How does one unuse a com port? how do I
> find out what is using it so I can stop it? I'm using windows 7
> professional. Has anyone else had this problem?
> Dwight

This list is my refuge from "windoes" and USB.  Can we please not do this here?

If the query related to writing an emulator for a classic system on Windows
with USB device attachment, I think I could cope but this needs to be stated.

Peter Coghlan.

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