Swap clarification (Was: bill was my first "real" computer comoany customer"

ED SHARPE couryhouse at aol.com
Tue Nov 13 18:01:13 CST 2018

Ok   that  i   what  I  remember  too....

The  first one  was  great  
I  went  later  one  time   years  later and  yea  the  feel had  changed... 
the  2ed  had  no stacks  of  New  varian 620  front panels and chassis!    surplus  and  duck...
wonder if  he  still has  the  59  el camino?   it  was  WONDERFUL!
In a message dated 11/13/2018 4:33:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, cisin at xenosoft.com writes:

On Tue, 13 Nov 2018, ED SHARPE wrote:

> YES!  John  Craig!
> Thank  you   for the  brain  refresh!
> how many shows a  year  does  he  do?

I don't think that he has done one in MANY years.
40 years ago, he was doing them twice a year.

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