VAX 9440

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Tue Nov 13 15:52:27 CST 2018

I believe that a mini version of the VAX 9000 consisting of the main CPU
rack can be set up for display, plus photos / posters of a full setup in
the background.  Add a terminal or two and we can demo the 9000 without
breaking the bank.  I did not check but even a few drives would suffice to
demo the unit.  What would be more impressive is not how many racks we get
up and running but whether we network it and put the CPUs to work to do
something interesting.  We may even be able to bypass the huge DC power
unit and just "plug in" each CPU directly using lower-AMP mains.  I was
inspecting the 9000 at System Source (Baltimore) this weekend, it's the
same as what is at VCFed in New Jersey.  I think if we keep it small we can
actually use the 9000 without having to expand what power is already
available at System Source or VCFed museum.  Dave's LSSM may have enough to
power everything as originally intended. I look forward to seeing that, too
next time I go to Pittsburgh.  I am lucky to live in between these three
places.  MyVAX 4000-705 is a baby compared with these 9000's but in the end
they're the compatible and can talk to each other.

It would be fun if we spent some time connecting our various VAXenz on a
given day, an international event or something

On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 4:40 PM Evan Koblentz via cctalk <
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> > The question is probably, could they afford the power bill?  We have a
> bunch of Crays and CDCs at the Computer History Museum, and if they were
> operational, we'd probably have to take up a special very-large-hat-passing
> collection
> :)

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