Looking for optical grid mouse pad

Camiel Vanderhoeven camiel.vanderhoeven at vmssoftware.com
Sat Nov 10 12:12:49 CST 2018

On 11/10/18, 6:49 PM, "Rico Pajarola" <rp at servium.ch> wrote:


I have tried to print my own mousepad, but the mouse only works in the y direction on it.

there were 2 versions of that mousepad, and the symptom of using the wrong one was that the mouse would only move in one direction.


There was another version of the print-it-yourself mouse pad that's essentially just white noise, have you tried that?


I know I need the one with the grid, because it’s shown in the documentation. 


I have just created and printed a simple grid, with two lines per millimeter. If someone has already created one that you can download and print that works, that would be great.



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