Looking for optical grid mouse pad

Camiel Vanderhoeven camiel.vanderhoeven at vmssoftware.com
Sat Nov 10 10:24:12 CST 2018

Hello everyone,


A week ago, I took possession of a second Ardent Titan graphics supercomputer, and unlike the other Titan, this one is almost complete. There is one tiny bit missing, and that is a mouse pad. The mouse used with this systems is a Mouse Systems M4 variant (M4Q), and it does not appear to be a normal serial mouse. So, if anyone has one of those reflective mousepads with a grid of fine blue and grey lines that they don’t need, I’d be very happy to have it.


I have tried to print my own mousepad, but the mouse only works in the y direction on it.


For those who want to know, the Titan is outfitted as follows:


2 x Titan P3 vector processors (using a MIPS R3000 for scalar operations)

2 x 64 MB main memory

Extended G2 Graphics

3 Maxtor 760 MB disks

QIC-120 tapedrive

19” trinitron monitor with stereo bezel and 3d glasses

Keyboard, mouse, knob box


Titan OS 4.2 installed (plus version 3.0, 4.1, and 4.2 installation tapes)
Dore, AVS, and PHIGS+ graphics environments

Vectorizing FORTRAN compiler with LINPACK, EISPACK, and FFT libraries

Matlab-Pro 3.5 (the Titan was the only computer ever that had Matlab as part of its bundled programs)

Biodesign Biograf 3.0 molecular modeling application


All bits and pieces, and all software appears to work.





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