Font for DEC indicator panels

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Nov 12 22:59:19 CST 2018

>>> [Top posted to avoid trimming information that might be useful to many]
>>> IFF DEC used a commercial font, then it should be possible to find it.
>> These panels do appear to be typeset using commercial fonts, and yes in
>> theory, we can track those down.

On Tue, 13 Nov 2018, Guy Dunphy via cctalk wrote:
> Hmm, I posted to the list about this 3 hours ago, and it hasn't appeared yet.
> Is there an extra vetting process for posts that include links to web sites?
> I included various links to font searching sites, cleaned-up samples of the DEC fonts
> from my own scan (online) of a DEC PDP-8/S panel, and specific fonts I found via
> search tools - that are very close or identical matches to the DEC panel fonts.
> Should I repost, or just wait till it appears?

I received it, and replied.
I top-posted, which I don't usually do, in order to not trim the useful 
information that you had supplied.
Then, Toby replied to my post.

You just replied to Toby's post.

So, yes, at least some of us got your post.

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