Font for DEC indicator panels

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Nov 12 14:49:42 CST 2018

    > We're just about settled on the format for the QSIC RKV11-F/RPV11-D
    >  panels.

PS: Here's the latest rev of our thinking:

if anyone has any comments. (Since the format is entirely set by the FPGA,
it's 'easy' to tweak it, if there's a desirable improvement.)

It's not the same as the old DEC RK11-B/RK11-C or RP11-C inlays, in part
because we want to be able to show the address, and on a QBUS machine, that's
22 bits. Also, many of the fields don't apply to the QSIC (e.g. internal drive
signals, 36-bit data buffer on the RP11, etc); we figured it would be better
to recycle those lights for something useful (e.g. the address and word


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