RS6k 7012/320H woes

Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez ce.murillosanchez at
Sat Nov 10 12:41:54 CST 2018

Paul Berger via cctalk wrote:
> On 2018-11-07 8:57 PM, Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez via cctalk wrote:
>> So, if I were to hunt for installation media for AIX, which version 
>> would you recommend for a 320H with 32MB of memory, i.e., the latest 
>> that would run and not get too bogged down by that amount of memory?  
>> I can switch to a larger SCSI disk if it need be, but hopefully not 
>> larger than 2GB.
>> Carlos.
> I am no longer sure when support for microchannel was dropped from 
> AIX, I have always been on the hardware side with limited involvement 
> with software.   Doing a quick look it would seem that it is likely 
> that some level of version 5 was the last one. Version 6.1 was 64 bit 
> only and required a POWER4 or later processor.
> Paul.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  Here's an update:

1) The "terminal interposer cable" implements exactly what I had already 
tried  with my rs-232 breakout box, namely (taken from the net):

> DB25      to     DB25          or      DB9
> 2 TD      to      3 RD         -       3
> 3 RD      to      2 TD         -       2
> 4 RTS     to      5 CTS        -       8
> 5 CTS     to      4 RTS        -       7
> 7 GND     to      7 GND        -       5
> 6 & 8 DSR & DCD to 20 DTR      -       4 (very important)
> 20 DTR    to      6 & 8 DSR & DCD -    6 & 1
Still, no luck making the console work; the 320H does not assert DTR or 
RTS even though it is seeing DSR, CTS, and DCD asserted.

2) I cleaned the floppy drive (it wasn't that dirty), re-wrote the four 
aix diagnostics floppies and tried them once more in service mode.  The 
same thing happened: it reads the complete first disk (apparently 
without error), but then it goes again to read the hard drive and stalls 
in the same spot.  Does anybody have images of diagnostics floppies that 
would be known to work in a 320H?

3) I now have AIX 4.3.3 install CDs.  Does the 320H expect a CDROM drive 
to be at a specific SCSI ID?


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