AW: 50Hz Pulley for 8" Floppy Drive Mitshubishi M2894-63B

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Typically, both the motor pulley and belt are changed as a set to keep the distance from motor to flywheel the same.
In my younger days, a friend and I ground down a motor pulley, on a 50 Hz Shugart 800, to be a 60 Hz. We used a file while the motor ran. After getting the right size, we had to file mounting holes for the motor to keep the same belt. It was not the best way but we couldn't afford a new drive and we got the drive cheap, from surplus.
If you change the flywheel, the distance will be to great to use the same belt or even close to the same belt. It may not even fit in the area allowed for the flywheel.
According to the manual, for this drive, only the motor pulley needs to be changed as there is enough adjustment to use the same belt.

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Ok. Those are quite small. So you have one? Or those are not yours?
If you have one, and a way to accurately measure it, making more will be easy for anyone with a lathe.
I could do it, but surely you can find a machinist closer to home?


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>I am looking for small motor pulley ... see pic ...
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>>Hi all
>>Any suggestions where to find two 50Hz-Pulleys for the 8" Floppy drive
>>Mitsubishi M2894-63B?
>>If there also the appropriate ribbon gummies available, I would be very
>Do you know what they look like, and the dimensions?
>Because I have these.
>_Maybe_ they were off Mitsubishi drives, not sure. Had them in a box of floppy drive related bits for a loooong time, and have no recollection of where they came from.
>These are 49.0 mm OD, hole 4.7 mm dia. And this is Australia, with 50Hz mains.
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