RS6k 7012/320H woes

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Fri Nov 9 14:37:16 CST 2018

On 11/08/2018 12:21 PM, Benjamin Huntsman via cctalk wrote:
> I use a DEC DECConnect system on mine... I have a DB25 to MMJ on the 
> RS/6000 side, and a DB9 to MMJ on the other.  Plus you can swap out the 
> MMJ adapters on either end of the cable to talk to whatever you need. 
> I highly recommend them because they do the right thing 99.9% of the time.

That sounds very similar to what I've seen done with DB9 / DB25 to RJ45 
(read: 8P8C) adapters.

It's my understanding it's possible to use a straight through cable 
between the two adapters to connect equipment.  The ""special nature was 
in how the adapter was wired.  Maybe it required a rolled cable to form 
a null modem and connect Tx and Rx. (Mental cobwebs.)

The idea was that you can use the proper adapter for the piece of 
equipment and then use stock cabling between everything.  I don't think 
there was anything special that required Modified Modular Jack vs 
traditional 8P8C jack.

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