DEC Alpha Bug Check Crash

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at
Thu Nov 8 23:09:24 CST 2018

I hadn't started this DEC Alpha 3000-300 since last summer, and booted 
it up so I could load the new PAK's the other day.

The result was that it completes almost the entire OpenVMS startup, but 
then crashes with the following:

%SET-I-INTSET, login interactive limit = 64, current interactive value = 0

**** OpenVMS Alpha Operating System V8.4     - BUGCHECK ****

** Bugcheck code = 000001CC: INVEXCEPTN, Exception while above ASTDEL
** Crash CPU: 00000000    Primary CPU: 00000000    Node Name: A300
** Highest CPU number:    00000000
** Active CPUs:           00000000.00000001
** Current Process:       DECW$STARTUP
** Current PSB ID:        00000001

**** Starting selective memory dump at  8-NOV-2018 21:57...

The disk is a SCSI2SD board with an 8 GB SD card.  It had been running 
just fine, until now.

Does this crash point to a hardware or software problem?

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