Did anyone see Vintage Tech Hunters on Discovery Canada yet?

Zane Healy healyzh at avanthar.com
Thu Nov 8 12:58:52 CST 2018

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> In my experience, games written for CGA and 80286 do not do well on modern equipment. You CAN play them, but they are really slow. The video and sound still work on a Pentium III with PCI audio and PCI or AGP video, as long as you still load DOS and/or Win 3.1. Anything higher than a PIII seems to be difficult to find drivers to make the basics of the motherboard work under the old OS. World of Warcraft in our household went from a 386 to a PIII, and then got set aside as we kept upgrading computers.
> Cindy

I still remember running the original F-16 Falcon game on a 286.  It was so fast that you’d take off and crash before you even knew what was happening.  IIRC, the F-16 Falcon AT version ran just fine.

I bought a copy of “Master of Orion” and a couple other old games from GOG.com, it’s running in DOSbox, and lets me run them on my Mac (though I’d rather run the old Mac version of MOO, as it allows a much higher screen resolution than the DOS version, same with Warlords II).  Realistically I only have time for Atari 2600 games these days (a few minutes here and there).


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