NeXT Monitor Problem

ethan at ethan at
Thu Nov 8 10:08:05 CST 2018

> The monitor works okay; slight burn in, but otherwise looks okay in terms
> of the phosphor. However, something seems to be wonky with the horizontal
> scan...the left edge is very wobbly.

Replace all electrolytic caps with new Panasonic of Nichicon 105 degree 
caps from a source like Digikey, Mouser, Newark or AVNet.

So... I've heard a lot of NeXT monitors get dim over time. There is a tool 
for rejuvinating CRTs. I wondere if it would work rejuvinating NeXT 
monitor to bring back brightness.

> I am aware of the dangers of CRTs and will be sure to discharge the anode;
> I've worked on a few MDA monitors before.

Definitely. Some monitor chassis self discharge via a resistor, so if you 
short anode to ground and don't see anything that is why.

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