NeXT Monitor Problem

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Thu Nov 8 09:19:55 CST 2018

I've got a NeXTstation Turbo and a MegaPixel display; the computer boots
fine, but seems to complain of a failing hard drive.

The monitor works okay; slight burn in, but otherwise looks okay in terms
of the phosphor. However, something seems to be wonky with the horizontal
scan...the left edge is very wobbly.

Pictures here:

Before I open this up, does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?
I didn't see a NeXT section on Bitsavers.

I am aware of the dangers of CRTs and will be sure to discharge the anode;
I've worked on a few MDA monitors before.



P.S. From the hard disk error message, would you agree it's failing? Would
this indicate total failure is imminent?

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