Modcomp aquired

Rick Bensene rickb at
Mon Nov 5 18:19:42 CST 2018

>Soon to be picked up and brought home. Lots of documentation with it as
>well. Christmas came early, eager to get it home and set up.

What a beauty!  In amazing condition.

Modcomp have a place in my heart, as an earlier Modcomp was the front-end communications processor for Tektronix' Control Data Cyber 73.   I was a systems manager (as it was called then) on the Cyber.  The Modcomp was rock solid reliable.  I don't ever recall having any kind of problem with the Modcomp.  It just ran and ran.   When the Cyber was to be shut down, all you had to do was halt the Modcomp, then when the Cyber was to be brought back up, two switch presses on the Modcomp (can't remember the first key, perhaps something like INIT), then START, and it was ready to go for when the Cyber came up.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Museum

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