ROLM 1601 (RuggedNova) 1970 Brochure

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Mon Nov 5 12:50:50 CST 2018

Hi Bill,

thanks again for your considerations!

--- Bill Degnan <billdegnan at> wrote:
> BTW - there is no evidence that the 1601 was not produced 
> at all, is there? 

No, there is no evidence. But they founded ROLM in 1969 and they
had no experience on designing a MIL-SPEC computer (until than
only highly specialized MIL-SPEC computers had been designed taking
years each) and only limited experience on computers at all. So
I can hardly imagine, that they founded ROLM, agreed with DG on the 
architecture, developed the design, implemented the shock and heat
management, tested against the MIL-SPECs set up production within 
only 2 years. Here is a nice video of a discussion with the founders 
recorded by the CHM:

> The brochure came from a local office near where I used to live in 
> New Jersey USA.  It could be that very few were made

Yes, maybe some where made for trade shows and to try out how to
build a MIL-SPEC computer. But regarding commercial sales I am still
sceptic (no proof as you say)...



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