ROLM 1601 (RuggedNova) 1970 Brochure

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Mon Nov 5 11:30:53 CST 2018

BTW - there is no evidence that the 1601 was not produced at all, is
there?  The brochure came from a local office near where I used to live in
New Jersey USA.  It could be that very few were made, what I need to do is
cross reference with other sources I may have.

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> Hi Bill!
> --- Bill Degnan <billdegnan at> wrote:
> > I may have more 1601 stuff, if I find I will scan and post
> Many thanks for your efforts - these documents look very interesting.
> Given the fact, that Rolm was founded in 1969, I really guess that by
> the time the brochure was printed, no running hardware existed at all.
> Maybe they had first PCBs and an idea how to implement the Nova
> architecture using the MIL SPEC chips available. So the 1601 probably
> only exists on paper!
> > .  I know there is the upcoming Nova event so I
> As Will mentioned, this was 10 days ago. It was really a cool
> event with lot of interesting people and their reminiscences and
> memories from the good old days where very exciting! I had some
> slides on the impact of the Nova architecture on military com-
> puting, but the 1601 of course was missing in my time-line...
> Have a good time and best wishes,
>    Erik.

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