KC11 with KY-11C vs KA11 with KY11-A Re: A very sad PDP-8/S

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Sun Nov 4 19:33:28 CST 2018

Noel said
> I just had a look at my -11/20 (the two are basically the same machine; the
> /15 was intended for the OEM market, the /20 the end-user), and it has an
> intermediate between this, and the final incandescent bulb form (as on the
> -11/45), where there were bulbs with plastic bases plugged into sockets.
> The -11/20 has the same bulbs, but apparently soldered directly into the
> panel; I looked at the prints (it's in the 'KY11-A Programmer's Console'
> stuff - I see Manx says the prints aren't online, I'll have to scan my set),
> and there are bulbs in the parts list, but no sockets.

The 11/15 I have appears to be a KC11 with KY-11C console board. I have the
complete print set for this 11/15, a while ago I was asked for a partial scan of
the KY-11C pages by another 11/15 owner as it differed sufficiently from the
11/20 print set and apparently the scan was just what was needed. I don't know if
that person is on cctalk though, if so please pipe up.

Since I have not found this anywhere (please correct me accordingly) I hope to get
to scan the 11/15 print set, on my little A4 scanner it's going to take rather a
lot of time.


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