A very sad PDP-8/S

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yes... the I/O for a tty is on a separate  mounting outside the cpu I recall for some reason...   I need to pull out or S and another classic 8 from storage.   as I recall there is a spare cLassic 8  front panel... snd it can find a new home.  The S I want to.put in museum display next to our classic in there and the spare one will display off site... it is in a blue Dec 8 rack... one in museum has plexiglass card surrounds.

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> This is rather sad.
> I've received a PDP-8/S. It turns out to be missing so much, that
> it's probably beyond restoration. Anyone who can think of potential
> ways to find the missing parts, please speak up.
> http://everist.org/pics/PDP-8S/
> Missing:
> - Front panel PCB, 
> - Case top AND bottom, 
> - Power supply.
> - Some flip-chip slots are empty. Not sure if supposed to be.

I have a restored and running PDP-8/S.

It looks to me that you're not missing modules - the open slots are
for the I/O cables.

The P/S is a standard DEC linear P/S and can be easily substituted until
you come across the real thing.

You need to get the schematics for the version of the PDP-8/S you have
and check the modules in your system against the module chart.

When you say the front panel PCB is missing - do you mean that there
is not a large circuit board with incandescent lamps in the system?
That would seem unusual to me - given that all the switches are on the
front panel.

> Also there's no sign of any I/O circuitry.

There is NO I/O on a PDP-8/S. The I/O cables connected to any I/O that

Please get a PDP-8/S service manual and schematics...

> A curse on slack people who remove stuff from a machine for servicing
> or whatever, then never got around to putting it back. Resulting in
> this kind of tragedy.

I may not be as you think...


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