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I sure wish someone had a an HP-Apollo 9000/400 series hardware reference with RAM board pinouts, whether scanned or in print…

  -- Chris
User-installable RAM boards provide the 425 with RAM in increments of 8, 16
and 32 Mbyte blocks. They have an Error Checking and Correcting (ECC)
ability. Standard RAM is 8 Mbytes, expandable to 64 Mbytes for the 425t and
16 Mbytes expandable to 128 Mbytes for the 425s.
RAM boards are used in pairs. There are eight sockets on the system board for
four board pairs. RAM Upgrades are available as follows:
two 4 Mbyte boards that add an 8 Mbyte block of memory.
two 8 Mbyte boards that add a 16 Mbyte block of memory.
two 16 Mbyte RAM boards that add a 32 Mbyte block of memory (for 425s
For example, to obtain the maximum 64 Mbyte of RAM for the 425t would
require four 16 Mbyte RAM Board pairs ( i.e. eight 8 Mbyte boards) inserted
in the eight sockets.


If this is standard ECC memory, then I have plenty of it on hand. But HP was known to use some really funky looking memory.


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