PDP8/a Initial Power Up

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Fri Nov 2 10:56:08 CDT 2018

Hello everyone - my first post, so be easy on me! 

I have just acquired a PDP8/a and a Remex punch tape reader. The unit
starts up and displays some data on the displays, and that is about all
I can tell you. 

I am going to do some googling about this, but I am looking for basic
initial tests .... something I can enter via the keypad. 

I learnt some basic programming in 1978 on a PDP8, but that was the last
time I touched one, so if you are going to suggest some tests, I need
complete instructions. I don't know how to modify a memory location, let
alone enter and check a program. I will pick all this back up very
quickly and I do use computers in my work a lot - I am also an
electronic hobby guy and have been for years. My point is I am OK with
component level measurements, I have a scope and probes, etc. 

So there you go - hope to hear back form you guys. 



Brian McIntosh
Columbia Valley Maker Space Communications Guy
info at cvmakerspace.ca
250 270 0689

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