IBM Xstation 140?

Al Kossow aek at
Fri Nov 2 09:49:30 CDT 2018

On 11/2/18 4:56 AM, emanuel stiebler wrote:

> So is this thing on ebay the 140? Probably would bite, still have the
> Eval Board for the R33020 and manuals somewhere ...


I just bought an NCD19 from them, now I'm trying to find NCDware old enough
to support it (it has a 68020). They bought a bunch of stuff from Univ of AZ
and have been selling it off for a few months. Unfortunately, they split things
up but they will deal. I bought a VME10 keyboard from them about 6 months ago
then the rest finally showed up a week or two ago, so now I have a complete one
with color monitor.

They are the people I bought the Intel Paragon software from..

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