eBay search fail

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Apr 30 21:54:38 CDT 2018

So someone mentioned this to me:


Now, the crazy thing is that I religously do a search for "PDP-11" for newly
listed items on eBait at least once a day - and this never showed up! I just
did a search for sold "PDP-11" items, and it's not showing up there either -
although a search for sold "PDP-11 parts" turns it up!
Anyone have any idea why it didn't turn up? That is a regular '-', not an
mdash or anything, and those are 1's, not lower-case l's. And it does show up
in the search for "PDP-11 parts". So I can only conclude that somehow eBait's
search function blew out somehow?

Anyway, someone got a total steal: at least _3_ H960's, a TU10, and an -11/45
(can't tell if there's an FP11) - and who knows what else is hidden!


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