Identifying bad RAM on Amiga 1000 WCS board

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Sun Apr 29 15:12:36 CDT 2018

On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 12:25 PM, Richard Sheppard via cctalk
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>> There are hand-drawn schematics floating around but they don't appear
>> to match the production hardware
> There is a service manual - "Amiga Computer Model 1000 Preliminary Component Level Repair PN 314038-02" which does show those PALs on page 1-25 "Amiga piggyback PCB assy #327139"

Examining that carefully, I do see the WCS parts entwined with the
mainboard parts on the schematic at the back of the guide.  The copy
of the scan I have (from does not show a Page 1-25.
Chapter 1 ends with the keyboards tests on 1-16.

I was more referring to a couple of standalone pages with what looks
like a different rev of the WCS board.  The DRAM chips and associated
resistors and, well, most of the parts have different location/ID
codes.  Googling for "Amiga 327139", I found a reference with the
following info:

A1000 piggyback board                327139
A1000 piggyback board   Rev A    327106-01

This is likely the difference.  The standalone "piggyback board"
schematics _are_ marked "Rev A" in the comment box.

I've also seen pictures of later Amiga 1000s with all the components
on the mainboard and no daughtercard, but I've never seen a machine in
person like that.


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