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Tip on replacement hard drives: you can use a SCA drive with an adapter
inside some Sun boxes, or my personal favorite, a Sun "UniDisk" enclosure
with a SCA drive inside. SCA drives are really cheap, even for big ones
(they go up to 300 GB), and you can still get some of the later production
drives with 0 hours on them. You'll usually need to create a partition less
than 1 GB within the first 1 GB of the drive, or your Sun won't be able to
boot it. Larger partitions after that are OK.


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> Don't get the new MK48T02/MK48T08s from Mouser et al, they're not fully
> compatible. They will retain NVRAM but the clock part is different and
> you'll get an error on that (system won't autoboot). Rebuild your old
> NVRAM! I made up some little boards to make the repair cleaner and faster
> to do (I had about 50 NVRAMs to repair):
> There are other guides for tacking on a coin cell holder without cutting
> off the entire top encapsulation, but if you do that, it may not fit under
> SBus cards if you're doing it on a system that puts SBus slots over the
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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>> >
>> > - SPARCstation 1. Chassis is intact. It has a bad IDPROM; aside from
>> that
>> >  it passes onboard diagnostics. It has 12M memory, no HDD now, and a
>> 3.5"
>> >  floppy drive. It has no SBus cards. Aside from the IDPROM, it doesn't
>> >  have any issues (but I haven't run an OS on it yet). Like the SS2, it
>> >  needs a bath. A small portion of the plastic cover over the rear of the
>> >  case is broken off.
>> >
>> > What are these "actual parts expenses"? IDPROMs are around $25 on
>> Mouser.
>> > SCSI HDDs start around $70 shipped on eBay and SCSI2SD are $60 plus
>> > shipping to me plus the SD price. Given the price of 25 year old HDDs
>> with
>> > a stated service life of 5 years (according to one spec sheet that I
>> read),
>> > SCSI2SD looks pretty attractive.
>> >
>> When you say IDPROM, is that a Dallas built-in battery NVRAM type of
>> thing? I have an SS1 with a dead NVRAM thing. Are the currently
>> available versions of those new at Mouser fully compatible? Those are
>> one of those things that the new versions aren't always fully
>> compatible with the old versions for some systems, even though they
>> are supposed to be.
>> My SS1 is also in the Seattle area. If there is much demand for those
>> it's probably one of those systems I'll never get around to doing
>> anything with it myself. I also have a 4/110. Those seem to be a lot
>> less common, and maybe more collectible.

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