SPARCstation rescue giveaway (Was: Kei cars and motorcycles (Was: Rick Dickinson, ZX Spectrum designer, RIP))

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Fri Apr 27 17:03:52 CDT 2018

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 1:55 PM, Alan Perry via cctalk
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> - SPARCstation 1. Chassis is intact. It has a bad IDPROM; aside from that
>  it passes onboard diagnostics. It has 12M memory, no HDD now, and a 3.5"
>  floppy drive. It has no SBus cards. Aside from the IDPROM, it doesn't
>  have any issues (but I haven't run an OS on it yet). Like the SS2, it
>  needs a bath. A small portion of the plastic cover over the rear of the
>  case is broken off.
> What are these "actual parts expenses"? IDPROMs are around $25 on Mouser.
> SCSI HDDs start around $70 shipped on eBay and SCSI2SD are $60 plus
> shipping to me plus the SD price. Given the price of 25 year old HDDs with
> a stated service life of 5 years (according to one spec sheet that I read),
> SCSI2SD looks pretty attractive.

When you say IDPROM, is that a Dallas built-in battery NVRAM type of
thing? I have an SS1 with a dead NVRAM thing. Are the currently
available versions of those new at Mouser fully compatible? Those are
one of those things that the new versions aren't always fully
compatible with the old versions for some systems, even though they
are supposed to be.

My SS1 is also in the Seattle area. If there is much demand for those
it's probably one of those systems I'll never get around to doing
anything with it myself. I also have a 4/110. Those seem to be a lot
less common, and maybe more collectible.

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