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> The Honda 600 was NOT a bike. Well, mostly not.  After demise of the mid
> 1960s Honda S600/S800 ("poor-man's-Ferrari" design exercise that got out
> of hand and went into production), Honda engineers took a 360CC parallel
> twin, detuned it and upped it to 600cc, added a differential, and a
> reverse (tacked on to the outside of the case), and put it in a car body
> that resembled the Mini.  AN600 was the first Hondas officially imported
> into USA (1970).  A later Z600 had a "sportier" body, and one was cut in
> half in the down-under movie "Malcolm"

Never heard of any of them. I guess they were not sold outside North
America and Japan.

Kei cars are extremely rare in Europe as there is no financial advantage or
incentive to own them, and without that, they're cramped and overpowered.

Oddly, the 600cc "supersport" motorcycle category is huge, in contract,
because insurance is much cheaper for machines of 600cc or less.

But I know little of cars. Evil tin boxes, to me as a bicyclist and
motorcyclist, generally driven by homicidal morons.

> He was into music, and wanted MIDI, etc.

Then the Atari ST would have been a better bet, no? Although of course it
came some years later than MSX.

> And, of course, he never mastered conversion of the Ensoniq Mirage disks.
> (each track had 1024 byte sectors numbered 0 through 4, and a 512 byte
> sector #5)


> > Mindset?
> Obscure 80186 MS-DOS machine with interesting graphics innovations and no
> market.  Designed by es-Atari engineers.


Nifty but even in 1984 I think I could have told you that that was a
heavily-compromised design...

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