TRS-80 Fragmentation

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>> Interesting.  HP made ISA card versions of early (or actually, pre-)
>> HP9000-300 that were designated as "Basic Language Processors", hosting a
>> 68000 and having GPIB I/O.  Interesting beasts. I believe that they were
>> able to take control of the ISA bus for at least some functions; they were
>> fast for their time, and it was easy to share GPIB-acquired data with the
>> MSDOS world.
> The HP 82324A coprocessor card wasn't an ISA bus master card. Software
> running on the host PC implemented some of the I/O interface. When
> software on the coprocessor card made some I/O accesses the
> coprocessor card could be frozen while software running on the host PC
> completed the I/O access.
> Hewlett-Packard Journal, April 1992
> Page 110, A High-Performance Measurement Coprocessor for Personal Computers
> This article describes the second and faster version of the card based
> on the 68030.
Thank you, I stand corrected!


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