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> I don't know what it's like around your home, but most places in the US
aren't terribly bike friendly. Since the advent of texting and smart phones
even less so. Still, I keep thinking I should trade my one way 4 mile car
commute for a bike ride... my fear of being struck while riding on a short
half mile long section of limited sight distance hilly roads between home
and work gives me some pause. We are starting to get some bike lanes and
more bike friendly roadways around here though (as well as some paved

Well, since Fred stipulated a Honda 600, I took him to mean a motorbike.

But I rarely ride those now, whereas I cycle  a lot.

I live in central Prague, Czechia, which is _extremely_ bike-unfriendly.
It's even worse than London. But I do the 4 miles to work, and 4 miles
back, most days in the summer.

> I did in my younger days bike extensively around town, not so much
anymore since I've got kids and a wife that count on me. :)

No wife, although working on it, no kids, but still... if I didn't bike,
I'd be even less fit and so less likely to stick around long.

I've been in 1 bad bicycle crash (compound comminuted Colley fracture right
ulna & radius), 1 bad motorcycle crash (multiple breaks to left ankle,
tibia, fibula, femur and hip, fracture to right shoulder, dislocated left
shoulder, whiplash), but I still ride both when I can.

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