Rick Dickinson, ZX Spectrum designer, RIP

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My first computer was a Timex 2068 just before Timex got out of computers. I 
had seen advertisements for the 1000 model but it looked like junk at the 
time (no real keyboard, you needed to have the 16K RAM cart to do anything). 
Still the 1000 was CHEAP.

When I vacationed in Greece for a summer between HS  and college in the 80's 
I remember seeing all the advertisements for the Sinclair models with the 
wafer drives and thought they were cool looking. I think I even seen a few 
real models at the airport shops.

Still using anything other then a disk drive was a pain and that device 
seemed too expensive for Europe at that time.

Even after I promptly purchased a used C64 from a friend I still looked at 
the mailing lists for Timex/Sinclair products sold out of NYC shops. They 
had all kinds of add-ons and some software to make the units workable but 
most of it was for the 1000 model which must have sold quite a few units 
before being discontinued compared to my 2068.

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Over here in the US, I remember seeing the Sinclair QL in a magazine 
(probably Byte?) and thinking it looked exotic and interesting. I thought 
the little tape drives looked neat, and didn’t know enough to appreciate how 
much better a floppy drive would have made the system.

I have no regrets at all about getting an Amiga 1000 to take to college, and 
now I appreciate even better than then just how lucky I was. But to this 
day, I’d still like to play with a QL and get an idea of what it would have 
been like to head off to college with a shiny new one of those. There are a 
few other UK computers which I’m also curious about, since they’re not so 
common over here in the US.

Mark J. Blair <nf6x at nf6x.net>

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