Rick Dickinson, ZX Spectrum designer, RIP

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 10:55:28 CDT 2018

There was a very large Timex 1000 / ZX81 user base in the US.  I have quite
a lot of newsletters and documents from these groups. I even did an exhibit
on the subject of SIGs for the Timex 1000 ZX81 at VCF MW a few years ago.
  You can see stacks of newsletters in stands flanking the machines and


Personally, the $99 Timex 1000 was the only computer I could have afforded
back then.  Schools had Apple II's but not so many people in their homes
then, at least where I lived.


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> > He not only did the ZX 80, ZX 81, ZX Spectrum and the QL, but also the
> Z88,
> > the Spectrum Next and others -- along with a lot of other stuff.
> >
> > I know this is a rather USA-centric list, so probably most of you started
> > off with things like the Apple II, the first sub-$1000 home computer. But
> > in Britain and Europe back then, we were a lot poorer, and $1000 was an
> > impossibly large amount of money -- many months of pay in a good job.
> My first computer was supposed to be a ZX81.  I worked all Summer painting
> the house to earn it.  As it happens, my payment was a VIC-20 with a tape
> recorder.  The ZX Spectrum has always fascinated me, and nearly 20 years
> ago, I traded a Tek cartridge with a list member for a ZX Spectrum 2+.  I
> still dream of having time to get that system up and running.  Even though
> I’ve never run it, it’s still one of my favorite pieces in my collection.
> Zane

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