USB Panda Display for klh10 help

Johnny Eriksson bygg at
Sun Apr 22 10:35:51 CDT 2018

David Griffith <dave at> wrote:

> I'm looking for someone who knows TOPS10 / TOPS20 well enough to figure 
> out for me why this test program won't compile.  Once that's done, I can 
> complete the firmware for the USB Panda Display an its support within 
> klh10.  I'll then make more copies of the USB Panda Display board (and 
> maybe overlays) for whoever wants them.

A couple of observations on the following code:

1/ It is written for, and uses TOPS20 syscalls.  If you intend to run this
   under TOPS10 change the syscalls (LITES% and DISMS%) to the equvialent
   TOPS10 counterparts, can be done by including these lines:



2/ The program uses the CIRC instruction, which is not present in stock
   DEC processors, and possibly not known to MACRO-10.  You could try

   OPDEF CIRC [247000,,0]

   if that is indeed the problem.

[source code trimmed down]

> David Griffith


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