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Fri Apr 20 11:41:51 CDT 2018

On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 09:10:44AM -0700, Charles Anthony wrote:
> Multics guides, FAQs, tips:
> -- Charles

Ooooh nice to know, thank you. I am in a process of learning help
system on Multics and trying to pipe full help on some subject via
something akin to the /usr/bin/less, because typing "y<enter>" to
display every following four or six lines quickly gets boring. Since
even MSDOS had MORE command, I hope to be able to find something.

Either this or... all right, I can type r in help prompt and get
everything dumped on terminal. Cool. I must admit, help system on VMS
was about the nicest one I have ever used.

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