RL Drive Terminators

Aaron Jackson aaron at aaronsplace.co.uk
Fri Apr 20 09:31:24 CDT 2018

> I see some company selling them on eBay for $122. Are they really worth
> anything like that? I have a couple sitting around here somewhere that I
> don't expect to ever use again. Just wondering if they are worth looking
> for to sell. In this hobby you can always use money for new (well, old
> actually)
> toys.
> bill

It's a bit disappointing to see them priced so highly. I don't think
I've seen one even listed in the UK. So if you are trying to sell them I
don't see why $100 or so wouldn't sell, at least eventually. I believe a
company in the UK gave me a price of around £70 ex VAT. I didn't want to
that much so I ended up building my own out of 2x40 perfboard, two pin
1x20 headers and a bunch of 82ohm resistors.



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