Intel HEX formats

David Griffith dave at
Thu Apr 19 14:00:49 CDT 2018

I'm trying to understand various hex formats so I can add them as output 
options to minipro[1].  I went looking for existing code to convert binary 
to Intel hex and found repeated copies and references to "format83.c" by 
Erik Lindberg.  It seems to do what I want, but I'm unclear what "Intel 
HEX 83 format" is supposed to mean.  Based on what I see at, this 
program only creates hex files in the I8HEX format, as described in

Of course, I'm going to have to support the I16HEX and I32HEX formats too. 
Based on what I find in format83.c, this shouldn't be too much trouble, 
but I really want to know what "Intel HEX 83" is supposed to mean.


David Griffith
dave at

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