Help on a 1998 Award BIOS chip

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Actually the TL866A universal programmer comes with a PLCC-32 adapter included for about $50, including slo-mo shipment from the other end of the world and the extra tariff for the Chinese steel that must be hiding in it. And probably sharing a ride in the same boat, I should get some W29C020P’s. Which might chooch or not, on account of them containing either real or fake chips. In the latter case I will only will have lost a few American rupees and I can leave a blistering negative comment to further sink the already alarmingly low rating of my seller before he switches identity. So odds are in my favor. All electro-magically transacted on ePay based on fuzzy pictures for the gullible and funny money from PayBuddy. Oh the miracles of your new world economy. 



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And lifting the sticker reveals the BIOS chip is just a W29C020P-12, a

regular 256k x 8 Flash memory, 5V chip. Duh. Mystery solved. Of course way

newer and with many more address lines than my DataIO 29B can read and

program. Time has come to buy a small, modern, cheap, infinitely capable

Chinesium EEPROM programmer. Read: the kind of practical, affordable,

sensical and useful equipment I usually steer away from. Ebay here I come.

Or make a programmer with an Arduino, since it's 5V.


Hmmm, you don't happen to be a subscriber to AvE's Youtube channel, perhaps?




Why... Would that be good or would that be bad?

Keep your disk in a vice!




Just make sure that the programmer you get chooches properly. ;)





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